4 Reasons TO Switch to QuickBooks Online

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If your organization has been using QuickBooks Desktop for many years now, you may be questioning if it is time for a change. Intuit’s QuickBooks Online (QBO) may be that change. You can transfer all your existing data to the cloud and get with the times. Here are  four reasons why your organization should take the plunge.

  1. Easy payment for customers – Invoices make payment easy for your members, sponsors and event attendees. On QBO, invoices include a convenient link to pay by credit card online. This can help your organization cut down on unpaid invoices and processing time if your accounting department is manually processing credit cards.
  2. Use it on the go – As the name says, your account is online. If your bookkeeper works remotely or your in-house accountant is working from home, they can easily access your account anywhere, anytime, on any device which increases flexibility and efficiency. Having your data on the cloud also means your data is protected in the rare event your desktop crashes without proper backups.
  3. Ideal for service-based organizations – Most associations do not have inventory or use work in-progress accounts, which are much more robust on QuickBooks Desktop. Changing to QBO eliminates unused functions and increases user experience. If your organization does have these needs, QBO may not be the best option just yet.
  4. QBO is Intuit’s baby – Intuit continues to put out upgrades for both online and desktop versions, however, the upgrades are not equal as they greatly favour the online version. They are actively making QBO the preferred choice for users. One key way they are doing this is by offering free support for online users, whereas it is still fee based for desktop users.

Whether you decide to make the change or not, it is always best to stay on top of new products and service offerings to ensure your organization is working optimally given the technological advances.

Stay tuned, next week we will share the reasons why you may NOT want to make the switch.

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