5 Ways to Engage Your Association Members Beyond a Virtual Happy Hour

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Hope is on the horizon as the world slowly returns to “normal”. However, despite these strides in vaccination rates and reopening plans in our province, associations must consider what this means for meetings and events. Based on Ontario’s gradual reopening plan, we expect digital and hybrid meetings and events to see us through the summer and early fall. As we are going on 15 months of no face-to-face interactions with or between association members, how can we continue to retain and attract members? Read on to find out! 

1. Mentorship Program 

For emerging professionals, navigating the job landscape can be challenging and stressful. Introducing a pandemic on top of the typical obstacles, now more than ever, we’ve seen the importance of mentorship. During a time of isolation, providing association members with the opportunity to partake in mentorship from a mentee or mentor role, is an incredibly beneficial way to provide members with a sense of community, development and purpose. Depending on COVID-19 restrictions, mentorship relationships can be developed virtually, or a hybrid option can be explored.  

2. Social Media Monitoring 

Throughout this pandemic, we have also noticed the power of social media and the sense of community it fosters. Keeping this in mind, spend some time monitoring your social media channels to better understand the needs of members and prospects. Engaging with your members on social media by liking, commenting and resharing their posts, is beneficial for both parties. By engaging with members and prospects on social media, you’re not only cultivating a deeper sense of community, but you’re also displaying your authority as an Association. Try out some social media monitoring tools like Google Analytics and Hootsuite

3. Thought Leadership 

One of the many benefits of social media listening is knowing what your members are working on and what they’re interested in. To leverage the work of your members, encourage them to submit their published work or resources. By sharing their work with other members, you are not only providing valuable resources, but you are also providing members with a platform and spotlight.  

4. Personalized Messaging 

We have likely all received the classic renewal email and know all too well how easily that email can be lost. When it comes to your Association’s renewals, try switching it up with a renewal video message or phone call to members. Videos and phone calls can be much more personal and engaging, especially when the message comes from a Board Member. In the video or phone call, consider the needs of your members and highlight the Association’s initiatives to address these needs. 

5. Digital Content 

Frequent webinars are a great way to engage members and demonstrate your Association’s authority. However, with hybrid events on the horizon and Zoom fatigue on the rise, don’t just stop at the event itself. Instead, try leveraging the content for digestible pieces for your membership, such as a video snippet for social media or a blog post highlighting the key insights.  

How have you kept your members engaged throughout the pandemic and how will you continue to do so with the introduction of hybrid meetings and events? Need help determining your Association’s next move? Redstone can help! View our contact information here

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