A Fresh Start with Fresh Event Decor Trends

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Photo courtesy of DC Irwin

A New Year means new trends and for me, it’s one of my favourite times of year.  Immersing myself in the revamped worlds of fashion, design, and interiors, I look to see how I can incorporate invigorated, fresh new ideas into my daily life and my work. Check out these four inspired event décor trends for 2020 and refresh your event style!

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Photos courtesy of AgenC & Artisan Moss


Greenery and interior gardens have been on our radar for quite some time, but now is the time to rethink how you are displaying and positioning your greens. Forget the basic floral table centerpieces – wow your guests with a live wall. Ferns and moss make a cool, monochromatic accent piece. Looking for a more youthful, airy touch? Incorporate some pastel florals with big tropical leaves. Not only are live walls simple, sophisticated and elegant, they make a great photo opportunity for your guests.

Bonus! Rooted plants can be taken out and repotted to save waste. This is a perfect environmentally friendly takeaway for your guests.

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Photos courtesy of Urban Productions & Clarks AV


Technology gives the opportunity for boundless, yet temporary design capabilities. Projection mapping can transform the most bare space into an interactive, captivating environment that attendees can get lost within. Looking to get back to basics? Rethink the placement and formation of basic uplights or play with shadows. Technology is always on our minds and now, so easily accessible. Incorporate this zero waste décor option to create an interactive space your guests can immerse themselves in.

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Photos courtesy of Wedding Wire & Almost Make Perfect


Keep it clean and light! Adding simple touches of wood, rattan, or rope make for a simplistic, yet modern spin on the 1960’s and 1970’s trends that we’re seeing come back into play. Experiment with textures and create an accent wall or for a more Scandinavian feel, stick to smooth wood surfaces for signage, serving trays, and centerpieces. Keep tones earthy for a subtle, calming vibe.

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Photos courtesy of G Catering & Rongrong Illustration


With access to nearly anything we want, when we want, engaging and gratifying attendee interactions are of the utmost importance. Try mixing entertainment with décor for lively experiences that are sure to intrigue your guests. One fun option could be to have an open performance kitchen with a beautifully executed dessert table. You could also bring in an artist to create live fashion illustrations with a display of your attendee’s chicest looks. Consider immersive, stimulating entertainment that is sure to add to the atmosphere and visual experience.

Now go take your favourite trends, and translate them into your events. Happy creating!

To gain more inspiration or see more trends in full detail, click here. For further discussion or any questions on the topic, feel free to reach out.

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