The 49th annual CACUSS Conference was held virtually on the Pheedloop platform, bringing together educators and students to reflect on the challenges posed by today’s rapidly changing world. The conference’s theme, “Critical Reflection in Shifting Times,” provided a forum for sharing best practices, research, and programs related to student learning, success, and wellness.

Despite the virtual format, the conference was a resounding success, offering valuable opportunities for attendees to connect with peers, learn from experts, and explore the latest trends and innovations in student affairs. This was thanks in no small part to Redstone’s exceptional organization and attention to detail, which helped to create a program that was both content-rich and easy to navigate.

From the outset, Redstone worked closely with the client and program committee to establish clear communication and collaboration. This included creating a comprehensive critical path and task list to ensure that the team stayed on track and on schedule. Additionally, Redstone took the lead on marketing, developing engaging graphics, social media posts, and e-blasts to promote the conference’s registration, program details, and sponsorship opportunities.

The Pheedloop platform was integral to the success of the conference, providing an excellent user experience that allowed Redstone to seamlessly manage both the Call for Proposals and Reviewers. Attendees were particularly appreciative of the platform’s social features, including the social “selfie” wall and networking opportunities, and experienced minimal technical issues thanks to the prompt and efficient technical support offered by the Pure Chat team.



  • Opening Keynote: Kim Katrin — ”Leaving No One Behind” 
  • Day 2 Panel: Student Voices on Mental Health: The National Standard in Action  
  • Day 3 Panel: Critical Conversations about our Future 
  • IBPOC Workshop: A Conversation for Indigenous, Black and Racialized Professionals: Exploring Career Success in Student Affairs |  
  • 80+ Concurrent Sessions (9 concurrent session blocks) 
  • 2 Welcome Orientations (Pre-conference on Friday and Day 1) 
  • Engagement Activities & Online Socials 
  • CACUSS Board Drop in  
  • CoP Meetings/ Socials (Friday May 27 (Pre-conference) & Tuesday May 31) 
  • Online Expo Hub 
  • Networking Events  
  • In-Person Regional Gatherings (Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver) 
  • 8 Sponsors + 1 New Sponsor (Studiosity)
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