Championing Core Values at Redstone’s Inaugural Foundation Awards 

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People, trust, impact and going the extra mile are leading qualities for #REDSQUAD members at inaugural Foundation Awards celebration. 

It’s one thing to aspire to be excellent in any undertaking—but it’s decidedly much harder to produce excellence if you don’t know how to recognize and embody it in the first place.  

This belief helped propel Redstone into becoming an industry leader that provides unparalleled customer service and has equally become the bedrock of its internal Foundation Awards for its team members. Apart from highlighting exceptional work produced throughout the year and showing staff appreciation, the Foundation Awards dare to dig deep into Redstone’s culture and mission of fostering leadership—which has the far-reaching power to make a more authentic, lasting impact. 

The inaugural ceremony celebrates members of the #REDSQUAD, whose exceptional performance and conduct inspires their colleagues, and helps set others up for success. An entirely peer-nominated process, each submission is required to demonstrate the candidate’s outstanding achievement in one of Redstone’s “Core Four” company values: People, Trust, Impact, and Extra Mile.  

With over 50-submissions received and evaluated through a rigorous process, seven recognized winners took home a personalized trophy and prize. 

By investing in its people, Redstone’s leadership team hopes to foster collaboration between colleagues, build upon its team’s existing strengths, and continuously challenge their talent to reach past their comfort zones to achieve in everything that they do, including – but not limited to – their client relationships.  

“These winners have proven to be truly exceptional in championing our core values,” explains Bailey Roth, Redstone’s President. “We encourage our team to aspire towards outstanding personal and professional growth, with the ultimate goal of positively impacting others in a meaningful way. Needless to say, we’re incredibly proud.”  

A huge congratulations to Redstone’s INAUGURAL Foundation Award winners and all the nominees for their ongoing achievements! Go #REDSQUAD! 

The 2022 Foundation Award Winners 

Listed in order by category, then alphabetically by last name 


Maggie Large & Amy Mosquera 

Maggie and Amy are expert collaborators, with remarkable communication skills and transparency to boot. They take responsibility in their work and try to understand every perspective brought to the table. They both operate with a high degree of integrity, which makes them trusted by everyone that works with them.   


Ryenn Cadesky & Calandra Muller 

Ryenn and Calandra push boundaries and break through expectations by introducing new approaches, strategies, and technologies in an effort to transform the way we do things at Redstone. Every decision and action they take is with the intent of making things better for everyone involved. Their impact is not only felt by the #REDSQUAD, but also, our clients. 


Christina Ritcey-Couture & Natalie Wallace 

Christina and Natalie care in a BIG way. They understand the value of developing meaningful and authentic connections and put in the time and effort to foster these with every member of the #REDSQUAD. They’re approach to life and work is always inclusive and people centric.  

Extra Mile  

Samantha Rosen 

Samantha is solution-oriented, customer-focused, and a leader to her team. She cultivates an environment where no idea is too big or too small. She has the will and will always find a way to make “it” happen. Samantha is naturally curious and incredibly resourceful which has her continuously going the extra mile for her teammates and clients alike. 

Underscoring Our Principles 

Learn more about the Redstone philosophy, and how our “Core Four” shapes our conduct, culture, and approach when designing our customer’s path to success. 

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