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Design Thinking and Events

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Redstone’s Carly Silberstein recently became a Certified Event Designer (CED), a certificate that embodies the learning of a new methodology that is taking the industry by storm! A pioneer in the industry, Carly is one of only 40 people in the world who have received this certification to date.

The Event Design Certificate teaches the #EventCanvas methodology, a strategic management template for both developing new and/or documenting existing event/conference models.

With the Event Design Certificate, Redstone Agency is now further equipped to understand, design, discuss and communicate innovative event ideas from conception through to execution. We look forward to working with new and existing clients to bring the #EventCanvas methodology to their events and organizations.

The Redstone team is proud that Carly is now a part of a distinguished class of Certified Event Designers who hold the CED designation, forming a forceful alumni community of Event Design thought leaders from across the globe.

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