The Latest Trend in Environmentally Friendly Event Planning

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With increasing climate change and pollution in today’s world –  being green as much as possible, in every aspect of life is important. This is true in event planning as well, which is why making your event green has become the latest trend. Being environmentally friendly is a way for everyone involved in event planning to be more environmentally responsible. Due to the fact that event planning is centered around accommodating large groups of people, knowing how to help the environment along the way is critical. Below we list ways to encourage and incorporate the many benefits of being green into your event!

It is common knowledge that there is a lot of food waste from events due to the high volume of people that are being catered to. Determining the right amount of food to have offered at an event is a science of event planning, and oftentimes hard to predict. The issue with this is that food is not always properly disposed of at the end of an event. When this happens, leftover food waste takes up room and produces greenhouse gases when they break down in the ground. With green catering, food-scraps are appropriately disposed of into compost bins and in turn, are made into compost. This compost can then be re purposed by farmers or in public parks. Essentially, food waste is being recycled and reused which can be very beneficial for the environment!


Green catering can also include the choices of dishes for your event. There are a range of catering products that are 100% recyclable and that are environmentally friendly. Instead of using plastic for your event, you can turn to recyclable products that help the earth. This means utensils, dishware, glasses, even napkins and catering trays! Not only can these dishware options range in appearance for your specific event atmosphere, but they let your attendees know that your brand is environmentally conscious as well (yay!).

Choosing a location for your event that is accessible via any form of transportation is helpful for the environment. That is why downtown locations are ideal. Hosting an event in a city center allows for attendees to commute via bike paths, public transportation, and other options that limit the amount of car emissions into the environment. This means less people driving, which equals less harmful chemicals into the earth. Not only is it helping the environment, but it is convenient for attendees as well.

As shown above, being environmentally friendly is very beneficial for all parties involved in an event. These are just a few ways to encourage being eco-friendly at your event, but there are many more. Any choice to be ecologically helpful is a good one, no matter how small it may seem. It sends the right message to event attendees and helps the environment at the same time! Below are some links to websites with more information on green catering and options of how to do so. There are thousands of choices for catering but choosing one that is environmentally conscious is a major step in the right direction. Go green and check out some articles below that can get you one step closer!

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