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Event Branding: How to Elevate Your Event with Impactful Visuals

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In the flurry of tasks involved in orchestrating events – from selecting the perfect venue and curating menus to coordinating audiovisual setups and securing captivating speakers – there’s one crucial aspect that often receives less attention than it deserves: event branding.

How your event is going to look will help you stand out and grab attention from attendees, sponsors, and stakeholders. It’s the key element that will take your event to the next level.

Read on to learn more about how to elevate your event with impactful visuals. 

Logo Essentials for Your Event’s Branding

A logo identifies a brand. It’s a recognizable graphic mark that lets viewers know the entity it represents. Your event must have this recognizable aspect as it legitimizes your event to your audience and the public. Your logo can be as simple as the name of your event, the date, and the location, as long as it is consistently presented. If you want to get more creative by adding graphic elements – even better. Creating the logo will help guide you through deciding the rest of the event’s visual identity by locking down colours, typefaces, and general look and feel. See a few examples of Redstone-created event logos below for inspiration! 

Pictured above: event branding for our clients Orthotics Prosthetics Canada, Canadian Fertility Show, and the Decorators & Designers Association of Canada.

Crafting Key Imagery for Your Event

It would be possible to create your event logo and carry it through on your event visuals without adding any other elements – but that would not be very impactful. That’s where key imagery comes into play. Your key imagery helps bring your event to life by creating a visual landscape that weaves your branding and visual identity throughout your event collateral. Key imagery can include photography, patterns, or consistent visual elements (i.e. shapes or designs) that act as extensions to your logo.

Pictured above: imagery we designed for the Canadian Media Directors’ Council Summit.

Transforming Event Visuals into Compelling Promotions

Once you have decided on your logo and key imagery, it’s now time to utilize it across your event planning and execution process. Using these visual elements across everything you use to promote your event creates a cohesive and professional look. Incorporate your logo, key imagery, and your chosen fonts across your event website. Create stunning and engaging graphics using these elements for social media promotions and brand your event emails with graphic headers. Don’t forget to also brand event documents such as sponsorship prospectuses and exhibitor kits. See below just a few examples of Redstone-produced materials: 

Elevating Event Atmosphere with Onsite Imagery

Your event day is here! Enhance your venue with branded signage, banners, step and repeats, and any other printed materials. Immerse attendees into your event’s environment by providing custom-designed print programs and name badges, elevating the collective experience by providing hands-on connections to your event. Take advantage of audiovisual opportunities for dynamic imagery and video using your branded elements. There’s nothing quite like seeing all the details come together to create a visually impactful event. Check out this award-winning example of the 2023 NAIOP Rex Awards produced by Redstone:  

Final Considerations 

Developing and utilizing event branding is important for creating a cohesive and consistent look and feel that is recognizable to audiences. Ensuring that your event logo, key imagery, promotional materials, and onsite visuals are attractive and well-designed not only makes your event look professional but also elevates the perceived esteem of your event, making attendees and stakeholders excited to be involved. Redstone’s marketing & design team is well-versed and excited to help support the visual impact of your next event. Please reach out if you’re looking for event marketing support. 

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