FaceTime versus Face Time

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MMBIt would make sense to think that the deeper we travel into the digital age (FaceTime), the more ready we will be to forgo Face Time or face to face (F2F) meetings; but, for most of us, this isn’t really true. F2F relationship-building has never been as important as it is today, and Meetings Means Business is not only out to prove it – they’ve built a whole campaign around it.

With 50+ members, Meetings Mean Business Coalition (MMB) is a national, industry-wide communications and advocacy initiative that promotes the power of F2F meetings. F2F is where the magic happens: business deals are made, relationships are formed and ideas are developed. The campaign sets out to spread the message to customers, the business community and political elites, that investing in meetings and events has a real, measurable return. This is done through engagement with key decision makers and stakeholders, including small businesses.

This initiative couldn’t come at a better time. In this day and age, millennials, of all people live and breathe technology, and are therefore perceived as an antisocial group. But believe or not, they want to go back to the basics. Several studies show that this group prefers to go old school in their professional lives, citing reasons like, it is critical for creating and maintain business relationships (sound familiar?). We continue to attend networking events and conferences because, it comes down to who you know, and who you know is a result of your network, which is developed out of the relationships you build by making lasting, in-person impressions. One of our core values at Redstone is “people” – being appreciative and respectful of all the people (our clients, team members, suppliers, partners) we work with, which we firmly believe makes for stronger relationships and better results.

With all that being said, it would only make sense for us at Redstone Agency, a millennial-owned event and association management agency, to fully and proudly support MMB’s initiative. No matter how life-like technology becomes, we understand and have witnessed first-hand the positive contributions personal connections can make.

To learn more about the MMB initiative, click here.

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