Gamification: Embracing Technology at you Next Event

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Engaging attendees is becoming increasingly challenging and gamification is a solution to this problem. The popularity of games has been increasing year to year, from Candy Crush to Fortnite. Most recently, Redstone incorporated this event technology at a Conference which contributed to increased attendee engagement and networking opportunities.

“Gamification is the use of game design elements in non-game contexts.” – Sebastian Deterding

Redstone partnered with EventMobi to bring the Conference to life through gamification as a way for attendees to build relationships and to leverage sponsorship and exhibitor objectives. Everyone loves a friendly competition and we were able to achieve this through a networking game during the Trade Show.

See here for a short video on EventMobi’s Gamification Platform.

The networking game Redstone implemented required attendees to interact with other delegates to retrieve pass codes. Sample questions included: Speak with the President of the Association, speak to a member of Redstone and speak to the Manager of xxx company. By engaging with other delegates, attendees were able to rack up points for a chance to be featured in the top spots on the leader board. As for our gamification game that took pace during the Conference Trade Show, questions were created for each exhibitor so that attendees would interact with all the booths in hopes of claiming the top spot on the leader board! Through this tool, we were able to increase the perceived value of the event for our members, sponsors and exhibitors by increasing awareness which could result in potential sales.

Consider incorporating gamification in your next event to generate high-quality experience, increase attendee engagement, motivate attendees to complete content and reward attendees for their participation. Also, take a look at some of the latest trends in tech here. Now let’s give it a try, answer the question below in our comments!

Q: In what year was Redstone founded?

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