How Association Management is Evolving: Recapping ASAE

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Maddy Madeley, our Vice President, has been on a mission to learn about the latest trends in association management. She recently attended the American Society for Association Executives conference in Atlanta, Georgia to absorb a wealth of knowledge on how we can create more value for our clients. 

There were over 5000 association executives from around the world, 132 valuable sessions facilitated, and three keynotes filled with rich content.

It was a great experience for Maddy to learn about what other associations are doing, how they’re trying to solve common problems within their organizations, and how they’re using technology to improve their services. Below are Maddy’s three key takeaways on how association management is evolving.

ASAE Keynote Speaker: Daymond John

#1 Technology is Changing Association Management

Rapid developments in technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), are changing the way we do business – whether we’re ready or not. What used to be innovative or cutting-edge is becoming the norm or status quo. Educating ourselves is critical, on both the benefits and risks when it comes to technology and cyber security. From chatGPT, to the Metaverse, to Web3, to new ways to protect our data. We should be investing the time to learn these tools, and ultimately work smarter not harder with the technology available to us.

#2 Personalized Experiences Are Key

Members and employees want to see fast action and highly personalized experiences from the organizations they align themselves with. Members continue to ask themselves, “What is my association doing for me?” And associations should be acting quickly to meet the needs of their diverse and evolving membership. If your association isn’t diverse or evolving…consider why not (or how you plan to be around in 5-10 years).

ASAE Keynote: Chad E. Foster

#3 Community is Everything

ASAE was a great reminder of the supportive association management community that exists and that the challenges we face are not unique to just one association. Being surrounded by a community that wants to share resources, support one another, embrace change, etc. will allow the association industry to continue to grow and make a stronger impact on the members they serve. At Redstone, we continue to value our participation in this community of like-minded and connected individuals around the world via even  more opportunities, like the ASAE annual conference.

We believe that these insights will be a great asset to us and will help us be a more robust, cutting edge AMC. We look forward to attending ASAE next year and implementing Maddy’s key findings in all our client work, as well as sharing them with our colleagues.

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