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Is Bigger Better? Introducing Micro Events

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For many, “bigger is better”, however when it comes to events, this may not be true – it depends on the goals and objectives you’re hoping to achieve with the event. In the wake of COVID-19, there are restrictions on large gatherings all around the world and the majority of organizations that produce events as part of their business operations have pivoted (sorry, we’re sick of this word too) to online offerings, including digital courses, virtual conferences, webinars, or virtual annual general meetings. Contrary to popular belief, virtual events are not the only way to connect with your audience during this time. Introducing micro events; highly curated, authentic, impactful, unique events on an intimate (micro) level. The connections and quality of relationships that can be built, the engagement opportunities, and the inclusivity that can be achieved in this type of setting are endless.

Of course, we must all remember that there are varying levels of comfort with congregating with individuals outside of their “bubble”, but if health and safety precautions are at the forefront of the planning process (a necessity these days), a micro event can be added to an organization’s toolkit as a way to diversify it’s offerings and to re-coup and generate lost revenues.

Still want to reach the masses? Why not add technology to the micro event, turning it into a hybrid event? Is your audience in many different locations? Setup micro viewing parties or satellite micro events with the ability to live stream from each of those locations, bringing the hybrid event to life.

Micro events can take many forms; fireside chats, conferences, workshops, executive retreats, celebrations (personal and professional)… the list goes on.

Do you have questions about how to bring your event to life in this ever-changing environment? Schedule a virtual coffee date with Carly Silberstein, Redstone’s CEO, and pick her brain on all things event-related. Otherwise, check out our event management services.

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