Keeping the Discussion Strategic

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Redstone recently attended the Canadian Society for Association Executives (CSAE) Trillium Chapter’s Keeping the Discussions Strategic PDX Event featuring a “Mock Board Meeting” to learn how to improve strategic thinking at the board level. Moderated by Meredith Low, and featuring a mock Board of Directors composed of seasoned association executives, this interactive, professional development workshop showed the pitfalls boards often face when striving to be strategic and how to overcome these issues.

Four mock board meetings provided tactics boards can and should adopt for acting strategically. Our key takeaways are:

  • Incorporate the strategic plan into each board meeting. This should start with structuring the agenda around the strategic plan. This way, boards keep focused on the goals of the organization and actively discuss how to achieve them.
  • Initiatives should support the strategy of the organization. When undertaking new projects and events, take a close look as to whether they reflect the strategic direction of the organization. Prepare a SWOT analysis to guide the discussion and help answer why these activities are relevant and should be pursued.
  • With strategic planning comes strategic thinking. You have your strategic plan finalized, now what? Board members and staff must make a continual effort to think strategically. Examples include, using the strategic plan to develop action plans at the operational level and taking the time to have meaningful discussions about strategy at the board level.

Watching these mock board scenarios and engaging with peers to identify mistakes and improvements was informative, educational and enjoyable! We at Redstone are always learning and developing new skills. We are proud to be forward-thinking and strategic for the benefit of our clients. We invite you to get in touch with us to discuss your board meeting or strategic planning needs.

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