Our story.

Redstone Agency started with a simple notion: “We can do association management and events better”. Sitting around a kitchen table in 2015, our millennial founders Carly and Bailey, Redstone’s CEO and President, got to work establishing how we would demonstrate that to the world.

One of their first steps was to make sure they had the right people on board. After founding the agency, they soon brought-in Maddy, our Vice President, and the three set out to make an impact in the events and management space.

Trust is hard to build when you’re a young company made up of young professionals and the early days were spent showing up to every industry event they could. Soon, they would impress enough to get Redstone’s first clients, start building up the team and move from the kitchen-table to an actual office.

By consistently going the extra mile since our founding, Redstone has grown significantly. In our first seven years, we went from three to 60 staff, impressed over 200 clients, and have greatly expanded our service offerings beyond the essentials. We have consistently taken an approach of hiring innovative professionals and building up our people to be the best they can. It has been an incredible journey so far and we can’t wait to see where we go next with our amazing team.

Company launched.
Hired our first team member.
Moved into our first office.
Secured first multi-year contracts.

(Proud to say that they are still clients to this day)

Redstone thrived through the pandemic.
Introduced in-house HR capabilities.

Introduced companywide DE+I training, and welcomed our 60th team member.

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