Real Talk on Small Business w/ BMO

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Last week, Redstone Agency’s President and Co-Founder, Bailey Roth sat down with BMO Financial Group to discuss all things small business-related, including hiring practices, human resources and business growth. Below, we summarized some of our favourite tips and tricks from it, and if you want to catch them all, be sure to click here to watch Bailey’s full sit down.

  1. It’s important to plan in advance with regards to the people you want to hire.

One of the ways Redstone does this is by keeping the team involved. They offer a monetary incentive for anyone who can recommend new hires because they know how the industry works. Fun fact: Redstone Agency knew who there first three hires were going to be before they even asked!

  1. As a hiring manager, it’s just as important to make your goals and objectives clear, as it is to set the candidate with them.

If the candidate can connect to the business’ goals, you have a better chance of bringing in the best people for the position, particularly for small businesses. This also helps clarify what the future employee is working towards.

  1. Be proactive. You don’t want to be reacting.

When hiring, you don’t want to be recruiting the “desperate hire”. It is better to have an empty seat, than the wrong fit for your company.

  1. Morale is critical to your small business.

It’s just as important as it affects the rest of your colleagues, no matter what your business size. Good morale in the workplace means higher engagement, high productivity and overall a healthy environment for employees.

Which were your favourite? You can let us know in the comments below!

Watch the full discussion here.

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