Redstone Celebrates Becoming a Certified Hopin Partner

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Though challenging, this year has presented an incredible opportunity for our team to strengthen their digital event experience. The #REDSQUAD strongly believes in utilizing a variety of virtual event platforms to curate the best experience to suit the needs of our clients. With that being said, platforms like Pheedloop, Hopin, and AirMeet have proven to be fan favourites due to their robust capabilities and simplicity. Hence why we are thrilled to announce that Redstone is one of the first agencies, worldwide, to become a Certified Hopin Partner!

Virtual events are evidently here to stay for the foreseeable future and of course, this will lead to hybrid events (or already has depending on your location in the world). As we continue to operate in this digital event space, we’re confident the Hopin platform is well positioned to support our client needs, whether it be fully virtual or hybrid. Check it out for yourself!

With this incredible partnership came the opportunity for our events team to participate in the first-ever certification program for agencies. We’re pleased to celebrate the following team members who have demonstrated their proficiency and understanding of Hopin’s capabilities by obtaining their certification:

Shayna Asgill, Event Manager: “My favourite Hopin feature is it’s functionality – it is very clear and easy to use when putting an event together!”

Rachel Keller, Event Manager: “I love how user friendly it is, it’s easy to log in and figure out exactly where you need to be!”

Samantha Rosen, Senior Event Planner: “I love to see the live analytics in real time.”

Maria Soultanoglou, Event Planner:My favourite feature with this platform is that the organizer can easily select which segments are required for the event such as the stage, sessions, networking and expo, while creating and setting up the basics of the event.”

Carly Silberstein, Chief Executive Officer:My favourite feature is the ability to have attendees / viewers easily, quickly, and conveniently become active participants within a session (depending on how the session is setup, of course). This increases engagement, participation, and is a significant differentiator from being a passive actor.”

Sneha Shenoy, Event Planner:Hopin is great for interactive sessions, the ability to have moderated sessions is unique and very user friendly!”

Jessica Symons, Event Manager: “Hopin has many amazing features – I particularity love the live analytics, robust post event reports, Streamyard integration, and the engagement possibilities! Hopin makes it very easy for attendees to interact live at an event, whether that be with each other, or during a session.

Esther Todes, Digital Event Manager:I love having the ability to have up to 20 people on video in a session.”

Our team continues to hone their skills, solidifying Redstone among the leaders within the virtual event space. The #REDSQUAD is committed to lifelong learning and looks forward to partaking in additional platform certification programs once available.

Are you planning a virtual or hybrid event and interested in learning more about Hopin? Reach out to request a demo or to learn more about Redstone’s digital and hybrid event services!

Last Modified: June 14, 2021

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