Redstone Wrapped: Foundation Awards 

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In this release of Redstone Wrapped, we are spotlighting this year’s award winners from our second annual Foundation Awards. 

This award program is intended to recognize difference-making members of the Redstone team and highlight some of the exceptional work being done throughout the year. These team members not only exceed expectations but do so while embodying and fostering Redstone’s Core Four Values: People, Trust, Impact, and Extra Mile. This year we also had an exciting twist: a new award category to recognize a #SUPERSQUAD (or internal team) that also demonstrated our values of Impact and Trust. 


This year’s Trust Award was given to our Senior Account Coordinator, Meaghan Williams. The Trust Award celebrates someone who communicates and collaborates openly. They share information and resources to provide our team and our clients with what they need to do their best work, solidifying trust with everyone they work with. 

Meaghan not only supports their team in their work, but they truly care personally about everyone they work and interact with. They actively listen to their colleagues, whether they are relaying concerns about a project or just telling a funny story. They are always willing to lend a helping hand, even if they already have a lot on their plate. Meaghan is never short on compliments toward the team either as she is constantly complimenting the team’s work and expressing how much everyone is appreciated. 


The Impact Award went to two very deserving individuals on the #REDSQUAD. The Impact award is given to someone who empowers their team and their clients, so together, we can make a difference and leave a positive, lasting impression. The first recipient was our Business Development & Marketing Strategist, Hailey Rodgers.  

Hailey’s dedication to making an impact through her work is outstanding. She is always looking for new ways to grow the reach, mission, and impact of her clients through new platforms, initiatives, and especially through hard work and dedication. Hailey is constantly analyzing marketing metrics and strategizing on how to optimize her clients’ marketing efforts and bring them to the next level. She’s proactive about preparing reports for every marketing campaign and is always sharing knowledge about how to make an impact through the power of marketing.  

Our Account Director, Larissa Johnston, was the second recipient of the Impact Award. Larissa is an incredibly efficient individual who always brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that gets relayed to clients. She is always willing to step up and provide guidance and advise. She has an incredible memory and can recall dates and details instantaneously. She is always open to hear others’ ideas and is respectful to everyone on the team.  

Larissa has made a lasting impact on Redstone in so many ways, especially through her work on the Education Committee. She has a very special way of making diverse groups feel heard, seen and like they matter. This impact is felt throughout the company.   

Extra Mile 

This year’s Extra Mile Award recipient went to one of our incredible Accountants here at Redstone, Angeline Seepersaud. The Extra Mile at Redstone means being solution-oriented, customer service-focused, and results-driven. It means rejecting what is simply ‘acceptable’ and striving for ‘best possible’ with the goal of exceeding expectations. 

Many clients have reached out to express how grateful they are to be working with Angeline. The level of personal customer service that they provide, and their forward-thinking and proactive approach, leaves clients happy and relieved to know that Angeline is managing their services. She continues to set the bar higher and higher for what can be accomplished on the finance team, all while being engaged in the culture at Redstone.  


Our people are our biggest asset. We invest in them, appreciate them, and develop them. This year’s People Award winner is our Senior Event Planner, Justin Cruz. 

When it comes to clients, Justin goes above and beyond to build personal relationships with each member, taking the time to learn and remember their first and last names, the organizations they work for, and something special or unique about them. They truly understand the importance of connecting on a deeper level and have mastered the art of building meaningful relationships. Whether it’s attendees, sponsors, vendors, or partners, Justin treats everyone with genuine care and respect. Their strong interpersonal skills make them a true people person.  

Justin builds strong rapport with his team. We have watched as he’s gotten coffee orders without being asked and stayed back with team members on days where they had to be in the office later and even made sure to direct them to use the safer routes to get home.   

They take care of everyone – client or team, doesn’t matter. They make sure all attendees feel the best no matter what situation, they try their best to find solutions to any problem, they push those around them to do better, trains those under them to be better, and take the time out of his schedule to make sure the relationship around the team is great.   


The last award is the #SUPERSQUAD award, which is a newly added category to the awards program. This award recognizes a team who went above and beyond this past year. The 2023 SUPERSQUAD was recognized for the values of impact and trust.   

The winner of the 2023 SUPERSQUAD award is…the 2023 NAIOP Event Execution Team: Shayna Asgill, Laura van Zutphen, Justin Cruz (double whammy), Nicole Cork, Kathleen Carpo-Garcia, Lark Straw, and Olivia Iaboni! 

A huge congratulations to Redstone’s second annual Foundation Award winners and all the nominees for their ongoing achievements! Go #REDSQUAD! 

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