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Set Yourself Up for Virtual Event Success: Top Tips from A Redstone Event Planner

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Redstone’s senior event planner, Sneha Shenoy, was a featured panelist with PheedLoop,  a streamlined hybrid, virtual and on-site event management platform.

The panel was part of PheedLoop’s recent Gamechangers Summit, their quarterly user conference. She had the opportunity to talk about her experience using PheedLoop and its multiple capabilities to create noteworthy virtual events. Check out this breakdown of her top tips on virtual event production and working with PheedLoop below:

How do you decide what platform to choose? What are the deciding factors?

Always focus on the needs of the client when deciding what kind of virtual platform you are going to use. Production value, ease of use for speakers, and the complexities and intricacies of the program are all factors that should be considered.

Things can get tricky in terms of technology, and a behind the scenes team may be required to help with the event’s execution. Our team is aware that not all our clients have the budget to have their own tech team. When a tech team is not available to a client, we focus on ensuring the client is ready to navigate the platform themselves like an expert.

When would you use Simulive compared to a true live event?

While us event planners truly love a real live event, we look at a lot of factors when we make the decision between recorded or live.

When deciding between true live and Simulive we consider the content being presented, speaker experience and attendee engagement. Attendee feedback is a key factor for many speakers in our experience with virtual events. True live gives speakers the opportunity to get attendee feedback in real time, and attendee engagement is at its highest.

For larger events, PheedLoop allows us to pre-produce sessions so we can focus on live streaming the sessions that need higher attendee engagement. With Simulive we can pre-record all sessions with our speakers and clients, which allows us to guide them through the recording. Speakers also feel less pressure during a pre-recording than at a live event because issues such as last-minute changes, tech malfunctions and internet outages aren’t as problematic!

Top tech and non-tech tips to make your video content look good based on various budgets:

It’s important to have a clean background and make sure the lighting is coming from in front of you. If you’re on a panel, make sure you have headphones on or use the tech kit Redstone provides to have a top-of-the-line event experience.

Branding is a key factor; this sets you apart and makes your event a memorable one for attendees. Investing in good graphics, visually appealing backgrounds and sponsored videos with great production is also important for setting yourself up for success.

Redstone’s expert team can help you elevate your virtual event experience. If you’re planning a virtual or hybrid event and would like guidance, or for us to take care of everything, contact us today at

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