How To Get Sponsors To Want To Partner On Your Event

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When it comes to finding a new sponsor for your event, we are all interested in the best practices to make this work in our favour. But, it seems the “best practices” can also be the most boring, and could actually deter a prospective sponsor. In addition to creating an outstanding, research based sponsorship package alongside a stellar pitch, here are some ways you can attract a sponsor to partner with you:

Create Buzz. Have a strong social media presence. Allow sponsors to see a proven interest in your event and show that guests want to be a part of it. When you’re retweeting, reposting, sharing, and liking posts, this will not only generate awareness but even form a community between registrants. Sponsors want this.

Present clear strategies for the event’s plan and its theme. When you’re able to clearly identify the event’s purpose and objective – and especially HOW you plan to accomplish this – it will allow sponsors to understand and reason with your events mission and potentially generate a sponsorship interest. If you’re not clearly demonstrating what the goal or objective of the event is, chances are sponsors will be unsure about wanting to partner as well.

Listen! Listen and research what sponsors want. Decide internally if you’re able to provide what the sponsors are looking for. Research will be helpful if you have specific sponsors and organizations in mind. That way, you can cater to their needs, and make it an opportunity that is impossible for them to say no to. It’s important for both sides to ensure an equal alignment to come to an agreement. Researching their wants and needs will bring you one step closer to attracting that partnership.

Focus on personable stories. How did the event start? What inspired the event and whose making it happen? People feel connected to stories they can relate to, and chances are you’ll share the right story with the right person at the right time. In hopes to stumble on this circumstance, share those personable stories and you might be glad you did! Shine a light on something that makes your event relatable and maybe the right sponsor will feel connected to become a sponsor or share it with someone who can.

Cater to a younger audience. There is a larger social media presence from younger audiences which can benefit your ability to generate buzz and social conversation by catering to this crowd. In the example of Snapchat, a younger crowd would use a filter created for your event (provided they are within radius of the extended kilometres) and this filter can generate fun conversation. In doing this, you can provide sponsors with metrics on how many people have viewed and used the filter, and generously ask for their sponsorship on it.

Package your assets and promise specific deliverables. Don’t just promise media coverage, show sponsors what your audience actually looks like and quantify these promises. The more research and numbers you’re able to provide will make prospective sponsors happy. Offer incentives and package your assets whether that is with event signage, sponsored social media posts or promotional items. These incentives can be in addition to offering free accommodation, hospitality, and registration to sponsors and their guests.

I hope these tips help enhance a future creative pitch that can be useful when trying to secure a sponsor. While it is easy to create a generic “bronze, silver, gold” sponsorship package, chances are your prospective sponsors are looking for something more personal and direct. Good luck!

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