Summer in the Event Management World

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popsiclemeditatingAs a growing start up, our days are anything but quiet. Even the summer months, when clients are more likely to take vacation and things tend to slow down for others, we have a heavy travel schedule, conference planning, golf tournaments, networking events and industry trade shows we need to plan and be at. The hustle and bustle is part of what energizes us, but it is important to remember to carve out time to ensure our team is able to rejuvenate and recharge.

From our startup team, here are some ways we stay physically and mentally energized during the busy summer months:

Plan Take 30-60 minutes each week to plan your next week.  “I find Friday mornings are a good time to do this. Making a plan for the work you need to accomplish will help you feel less overwhelmed.” – Maddy Marchildon, Director, Association Management Services.

Sleep shouldn’t be sacrificed during busy periods. Lack of sleep will lead to lower productivity, even when you think you’re getting more done by working longer hours. “Make sure to set a bedtime or sleep goals for yourself to ensure you are getting enough sleep. It’s easier to justify more sleep when you frame it as a personal goal.” – Bailey Roth, President

Eat well! It’s easy to turn to junk and sugar, but eating well goes a long way to keep you energized and feeling good. “I stay energized by snacking more frequently during the day to ensure my body is taken care of.” – Taylor Weinstein, Director, Event Management Services.

Communicate your needs to the people you work with.  “If you think your team would benefit by gathering to tackle a few things together, being open and honest about your needs, rather than trying to tackle everything yourself, will lead to an overall more efficient and productive team.” – Maddy Marchildon, Director, Association Management Services.

Don’t rely on coffee! Relying on coffee to get you through a busy time will result in less productivity overall and you will feel less energized at the end of the week. “Drink your usual amount of coffee/tea and drink lots of water, and then take breaks.” – Kelley Morgan, Account Coordinator

Take Breaks. Even though it feels counter intuitive, getting up and focusing on something other than work can really help your overall productivity. In fact, studies show that taking breaks can “replenish our energy, improve self-control and decision-making, and fuel productivity.” (Harvard Business Review) “Taking breaks really helps me sharpen my focus and helps me notice small, easy to miss details” – Michelle Prior, Accounting & Financial Services, Director

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