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The New Approach to Recruitment and HR: Redstone’s Outlook on People and Corporate Culture

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The workforce has changed drastically over the past two years. Post-pandemic times have impacted how people work, and how they choose where to work. Our President, Bailey Roth, recently spoke on an expert panel at Empower Our Event Industry, powered by Engamio, about this shift, the current state of the workforce, the Great Resignation, and how companies and recruiters (including Redstone!) have had to adjust to acquire and keep talent. 

As a millennial-run business, we have always put a focus on progressive workplace culture and operations. We have a few pillars of how we approach recruitment and HR to make sure our team is thriving: 

  1. People and culture are our TOP priority 

At Redstone, people have always been important, but in the past two years, our team has become our top priority. We want our team to be happy and excited to come to work every day.  

  1. See employees as whole persons with lives outside of work 

With a hybrid-remote work environment, it’s impossible to leave “home” at home. We understand our team is made up of people with lives and priorities outside of work, which is why we promote a healthy work-life blend. We offer flexible working hours so our team can balance everything. We also encourage our team to ‘care personally’ about each other – to take interest in each other’s lives – both the good parts and the difficult parts. Not only has this improved the health of our team but has also resulted in an increase in productivity. 

  1. Finding creative ways to hire and focusing on transferrable skills 

We want to make sure everyone on our team is a good fit. We start selling Redstone and what it’s like to work for us from day one…and we are honest about it! Not only do we want to make sure you’re right for us, we want to be right for you. When recruiting, we put a focus on transferrable skills and experience rather than what your degree says. And we don’t sugar coat the tough parts.  

  1. Normalize Turnover 

While we would love everyone to stay with us, we understand the desire to try new things and make different career moves. We normalize this natural turnover and always part on good terms. In many cases, we have welcomed back former #REDSQUAD members after years apart! 

We are continuously adapting to make sure our team loves coming to work every day. Check out all the benefits working at Redstone has to offer, and current opportunities to join the #REDSQUAD by visiting our Careers site

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