‘Tis the Season of Giving…Back

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Tis the SeasonFor many, the holiday season is a time for giving – sharing gifts with friends and family, making those final charitable donations for 2016 or spending time with loved ones. Of all the ways to give, giving back by volunteering can often be the most rewarding. While the non-profit industry in Canada is highly saturated, millennials continue to show interest in volunteerism and philanthropy. According to an RBC Wealth Management Research Insights study, Almost 40 percent of millennials identify “making a difference in the world” as one of their top-three priorities.

Not-for-profit organizations and associations looking to rally up a strong base of volunteers for both the holiday season and the coming year have an incredible opportunity to engage younger generations by tapping into their desire to get involved and give back.

Here’s why millennials are looking to get engaged in associations like yours:

  1. They are “cause” focused – younger generations are more likely to volunteer for a cause they care about than to make a direct donation to a charity or non-profit organization. Passionate volunteers are likely to be committed to an organization’s mission.
  2. They want to make connections – non-profits bring together people with similar goals, experiences and values. Millennials live in a highly-connected digital world; non-profits give them the opportunity to engage IRL (in real life).
  3. Personal and professional development – In this competitive job market, young people are often looking for ways to develop new skills and get experience that will help advance their careers. Volunteering is an easy way for millennials to hone their skills, build their resumes and demonstrate their teamwork and leadership abilities.

While developing volunteer recruitment strategies for the upcoming year, why not reach out to local post-secondary institutions, corporations with volunteer programs, or online communities to seek out philanthropic millennials to help meet your business and operational goals. Highlight how your organization helps young people satisfy the three needs mentioned above and you’ll receive a gift this holiday season that keeps on giving throughout the year.

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