Unique Sponsorship Experiences for Your Next Event

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Expectations have never been higher for engaging conferences, and this includes conference sponsorships. Both attendees and sponsors are looking for unique and meaningful opportunities to engage with each other at your event. Take your conference further by straying away from “recognition during opening remarks” or “logo on conference program” and create innovative sponsorship opportunities. Take a look at the unique sponsorship ideas we have seen at industry events, have implemented at our clients’ conferences or would propose as part of your next conference sponsorship packages:

  1. Live Streaming/Virtual Conference Sponsor

unique sponsorship 1

ARHT Media Hologram at IncentiveWorks 2018

Virtual conferences and live streaming are becoming the norm as associations and event planners strive to expand the reach of their events to offsite audiences. Why not offer the opportunity for a sponsor to have their brand associated with this tech-savvy trend? You can have a company logo as a watermark on live-streams such as Facebook Live, or even add branding to a hologram display of your keynote speaker.

2. Chartered Tour Sponsor
unique sponsorship 2

Chartered Cigar Lake Mine Tour as part of Women in Nuclear Canada’s 2018 conference

One of our Women in Nuclear Canada conference sponsors last year offered a chartered flight and tour of their facility for conference attendees in-kind, instead of providing a traditional cash sponsorship. Attendees jumped at the opportunity to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime tour, not to mention an extensive waitlist! Aside from the transportation, offering a facilities tour is relatively low-cost and provides the opportunity to showcase a company’s operations and shape their brand’s image.

3. Conference Keepsake Sponsor

unique sponsorship 3

MakeLabs edible selfie macarons

A successful conference always leaves attendees with valuable insights to take home or back to their workplaces, but why not also offer something more tangible? A photo booth or personalized swag sponsorship allows a sponsor to have their branding on an item that attendees will keep at their desk or on their fridge for months to come. From branded Polaroid pictures, to macarons with your face on them, there are so many cool technologies that can offer 3D printing or other imaging right onsite. What a fun way to capture the memories from a conference for weeks or months to come!

4. Themed Room Sponsor

unique sponsorship 4

Tourism Outaouais Sponsored Room at CSAE 2018 Annual Conference

Offering “Instagram-able” breakout rooms or activation spaces instead traditional booths as a sponsorship opportunity is sure to be a hit with attendees, particularly if millennials are a key audience of your conference. Sponsors can be creative in how they decorate the space by including photo-ready props and interesting furniture. For example, if the sponsor is a construction company, perhaps they can decorate the space like a construction site, with bull dozers, bricks and other machinery. Be sure to provide clear instructions and support to sponsors so they know the size of the space and any venue restrictions. Gauge the feasibility of this sponsorship based on your industry stakeholders; some sponsors may be enthusiastic about this creative opportunity, while some might not have the resources to put into the design.

Any of these ideas spark your interest? Get creative in 2020 and offer sponsorships your partners and attendees won’t forget.

Let us know any other unique sponsorship experiences that you’ve come across or implemented at your events. Leave a comment below or share them with us on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram!

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