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What Ontario’s Roadmap to Reopen Means for Your Meetings and Events

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It is finally starting to feel like summer in Ontario! The sun is shining, the days are long, and as of June 11, 2021, Ontario entered Step 1 of the Reopening. However, as there continue to be improvements in the provincewide vaccination rate and other health indicators, what exactly does this mean for your meetings and events through the summer and early fall?  

Below is a high-level breakdown of the 3-step provincewide roadmap to reopen as it relates to meetings and events. 

Step 1 – 60% adults with one dose 

  • Outdoor gatherings and organized public events up to 10 people 

Step 2 – 70% adults with one dose, 20% fully vaccinated 

  • Outdoor gatherings and organized public events up to 25 people 
  • Indoor gatherings and organized public events up to 5 people 
  • Outdoor meeting and event spaces 

Step 3 – 70-80% adults with one dose, 25% fully vaccinated 

  • Larger indoor and outdoor gatherings and organized public events 
  • Indoor meeting and event spaces 

Although this reopening plan is gradual, in true Redstone fashion, we are already thinking outside of the box to plan and execute hybrid meetings and events. While the gathering limit remains low throughout Step 1 and 2 (and likely to continue through Step 3), many organizations can look to micro events; authentic, impactful, unique events on an intimate (micro) level. There are varying levels of comfort and of course, a limited number of people that can congregate, so adding a technology component to make it a hybrid meeting/event will be critical to ensure participation while at home or in different parts of the country/the world. 

If you’re interested in hosting a small meeting or event outdoors, why not check out one of Toronto’s best patios and reconnect over a drink? Alternatively, try out a fun outdoor Scavenger Hunt throughout your city – a great way to bring people together in a safe way! Golf tournaments are another fantastic opportunity to bring people together while adhering to the province-wide guidelines, while other clients are exploring hosting multiple mini ‘satellite events’ that are connected to each other through technology and video. Another unique option is to host a specially curated event at a new outdoor venue in Toronto, “The Laneway”. The Laneway provides interactive equipment, like ping pong and photo booths – what more could attendees want?   

While some jurisdictions are re-opening at a faster rate with more lenient gathering limits, this doesn’t change the fact that the pandemic completely altered attendee perceptions, preferences, and comfort-levels towards events and meetings. This means health and safety will be at the forefront of the return to in-person congregations. The Redstone team is committed to ensuring a safe environment for attendees and staff and we are in the process of putting together our recommended meeting practices which we hope to share in the coming weeks. By working closely with the venue, catering and production to ensure all protocols are being obeyed, we’re confident attendees will feel safe. In addition, our team will draw insight, tools and resources gained from the Pandemic Meeting & Event Design Certificate from the Event Leadership Institute (ELI) in partnership with MPI that our Event Manager, Shayna Asgill recently completed.  

Do you have questions about how to bring your event or meeting to life in this ever-changing environment? Reach out or check out our general event management services.   

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