Work-Life-Wellness Balance

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For years now there has been an ongoing shift towards a focus on wellness in the workplace. This health-centered mentality encourages employees to make their mental and physical health a priority, as more and more studies have shown that taking mental breaks and exercising makes you a more productive and effective worker, not to mention a happier one.

The Redstone team has noted a push for wellness-centered attractions & booths in recent conferences and events. Between the audio-visual displays and tourism booths you may see a massage station, or a meditation corner; some conferences have even featured yoga sessions. While at first glance seeing a massage station tucked between two branded merchandise vendors may seem out of place, the reality is that it is the next logical step in bringing mental and physical wellness to all aspects of your life.

While the studies on ergonomic seating, taking breaks from screens and stretching are not new to your average corporate worker, the new ways that wellness is being brought to the conference world are beginning to gain traction. More and more you see the kinds of stations where the focus is on the well-being of the attendees. This past season at IncentiveWorks we encountered a dog- petting station for attendees to take a break and relax with some puppy friends. It was creative, as well as a huge mood booster for our team.

Conference days can be tiring. There are many people to network with, impressions to be made and vendors to discuss business with. Taking the time to re-center at a meditation booth or massage station is an excellent way not only ensure attendees are taking care of themselves, but also will likely end up helping them feel calmer and more focused when they return to the bustle of the conference. Consider including more wellness driven booths at your next conference and discussing in advance if any specific health-related vendors would suit your theme. Attendees and vendors will both thank you for it.

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