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Bailey's Headshot



Carly Silberstein

Chief Executive Officer

Maddy's Headshot

Maddy Madeley

Vice President


Kourtney Shelton

Vice President, People & Culture

Adena's Headshot

Adena Goldberg

Account Manager

Alex G

Alexandra Gillam

Event Manager

Alex's Headshot

Alexandra Muton

Director, Financial Services & Corporate Finance

Amy Hamblin Smith

Amy Hamblin Smith

Technical Proposal Writer & Content Coordinator

Amy's Headshot 2

Amy Mosquera

Account Manager

Andrew's Headshot

Andrew Gut

Manager, People & Culture

Angeline's Headshot

Angeline Seepersaud


Calandra's Headshot

Calandra Muller

Account Manager


Candice Lam

Executive Assistant to the President


Chanel Blackwood

Account Manager

Chantelle Headshot

Chantelle Bonham

Senior Event Planner

Cheryl Headshot

Cheryl Borenstein

Web Designer & Developer

Christina's Headshot

Christina Ritcey-Couture

Director of Operations

Christina's Headshot

Christine George

Event Coordinator

Emma's Headshot

Emma Collins

Senior Marketing Coordinator & Graphic Designer

Ganna Headshot

Ganna Ayu

Junior Manager, Financial Services

Garima's Headshot

Garima Hasija

Event Coordinator

Hailey's Headshot

Hailey Rodgers

Business Development & Marketing Strategist

Harry's Headshot (2)

Harry Patel



Hetal Vora



Howard McGaw

Event Coordinator

Isabella's Headshot

Isabella Almeida

Senior Recruiter & Human Resources Coordinator

Jayclyn's Headshot

Jayclyn Martin

Marketing Coordinator & Graphic Designer

James' Headshot

Jamie White

Manager, Financial Services

Jess L's Headshot

Jessica Levine

Manager, Corporate Finance

Justin's Headshot

Justin Cruz

Senior Event Planner


Kathleen Carpo-Garcia

Account Coordinator


Lark Straw

Event Coordinator

Larissa's Headshot

Larissa Johnston

Account Director

Laura R's Headshot

Laura Romero

Account Coordinator

Laura new

Laura van Zutphen

Event Manager

Liana Cook

Liana Cook

Event Planner

Maggie's Headshot

Maggie Large

Senior Manager, Client Marketing


Makini Robinson


Meaghan's Headshot

Meaghan Williams

Senior Account Coordinator

Olivia's Headshot

Olivia Godas

Senior Account Coordinator

Olivia I's Headshot

Olivia Iaboni

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Rachel's Headshot

Rachel Hayes

Director, Events & Development

Rachel King's Headshot

Rachel King

Managing Director, Accounts Team


Rebecca Cohen

Account Manager

Ryan C BW

Ryan Cowie

Marketing Coordinator

Ryan's Headshot

Ryan Jones

Account Manager

Ryenn's Headshot

Ryenn Cadesky

Manager, Human Resources & Recruitment

Samantha's Headshot

Samantha Rosen

Senior Event Manager


Serena Kaur


Sharvari's Headshot

Sharvari Katekar

Senior Account & Development Coordinator

Viktorija's Headshot

Viktorija Dukoski

Marketing Manager & Graphic Designer

Yuna's Headshot

Yuna Le Berre

Event Planner

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