Redstone’s Brand Refresh & New Website Launch 

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Over seven years ago, we launched Redstone. We started the company with a desire to contribute to mission-driven work and make a meaningful impact. We wanted to create a company and culture that we were not only proud of, but excited to be part of every single day. Our brand refresh represents the start of a new era for Redstone. We’ve taken our rock- solid foundation, core values, and experience to the next level – so we can bring you MORE.  

We’ve evolved; our team has grown, we’ve expanded our services and the solutions we offer clients, thrived through a global pandemic, and so much more.   

Read on to understand why we made this change, and what it means for YOU!  

The Pandemic’s Impact on Redstone  

The pandemic allowed our tech-savvy and digital-obsessed approach to shine through, while our clients were forced to adopt technology and adapt event formats. We had to learn how to work from the comfort of our homes, finding new ways to collaborate with our team. We had to learn how to build and keep our people-focused relationships with our clients, while providing feasible solutions and guidance throughout a time filled with uncertainty.   

During this time, we were able to come together, and strengthen our corporate culture and working relationships. This resulted in our team growing three times bigger, better, and stronger. We succeeded in embracing change, providing innovative solutions to our clients so they, too, could continue to grow, succeed, and reach their goals.  

Redstone’s Brand Refresh: What It Means For You   

We have done substantial learning and growing; to match this progress, we’ve updated our look. We invite you to experience our enhanced website and fresh coat of “red” paint. Rediscover how Redstone can elevate your events and associations to reach their full potential.     

  • Meet our powerhouse team, ready to take on new challenges and bring forward fresh solutions.  
  • We have upskilled, reskilled and demonstrated that we can tactfully and successfully embrace change; continuing to eloquently navigate the seismic changes facing industry and society. 
  • We have experience working with local and regional communities, national organizations, and international entities in a variety of capacities. We can leverage this diverse expertise to serve you!
  • We are committed to fostering an environment that celebrates diversity, advocates for equality, and creates an inclusive work environment. Our new website is completely accessible to reflect this commitment.  
  • We shatter the mold, rejecting the status quo and opting for the best possible. 

We’re excited to bring you:

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